Add Customer Wizard

  • Add Customer Wizard will now only validate against fields specified in configuration settings.
  • Duplicate checks will now return a full list of any matching accounts in Powercode.

Customer Overview

  • Address display will no longer show broken or cleared lines.
  • Custom select menus will now save and show values correctly.

Customer Portal

  • Adding / Removing payment accounts through the portal will no longer log twice.
  • Sign in text on the Customer Portal login page is now translated.


  • The financial dashboard now displays dollar amounts with commas instead of spaces.


  • Failed payments no longer falsly trigger accounts being set to active.
  • All guarantee custom charges will now properly apply to the guarantor.


  • Removing equipment will now require you to select which stock location it is at to avoid orphaned equipment on customer accounts.


  • Schedule overrides can now be configured to include minutes (to allow for 15, 30 minute increments).


  • Fixed some coloring conflicts with the Saisei graphs to improve their readability.
  • Resolved an issue where some updates would fail to push to Slave BMUs, causing them to go out of sync.


  • Resolved an issue where some ticket responses would be empty or blank.


  • Invalid phone numbers will no longer prevent pre-delinquency SMS from being sent out.


  • Fixed fping command error when attempting to ping through the widget.
  • Opt-in for Beta added to the Powercode Upgrade page (default on v19).