• Down equipment report will now be limited to displaying 1 result per equipment.
  • Resolved a case where form 477 addresses wouldn’t properly query the tract code.
  • Fixed a case where the form 477 report would sometimes reset some service information.


  • Tickets would fail to transfer if the associated account did not have an existing contact.
  • Resolved an issue where creating a ticket for a network site would lock up your browser.
  • Resolved additional issues with line spacing not displaying as expected in the ticket logs.


  • Hitting enter in customer notes will no longer submit the form when editing a customer.
  • Add Customer Wizard now has the auto-fill disabled completely.
  • Collections status customers no longer prevent you from making a payment on their account or adjusting the account balance.


  • Inventory assigned to a customer will now automatically be set to a “Deployed” status.


  • Resolved issues with services and several other forms in which they would not submit properly.


  • Updated how we retrieve equipment to more accurately push equipment and their associated access points to Saisei.
  • We now push the application list after sync to ensure it is applied as expected.
  • Updated identified Saisei applications to mark them as dynamic.
  • We no longer recreate the speed test application on sync, and instead set it to be dynamic in Saisei.
  • We now set hosts to be ‘delinquent’ on removal from Saisei.


  • Other Device Types are now included in the readDeviceCategoriesAndTypes endpoint.

Network Sites

  • Various fixes to network sites files to resolve issues preventing them from being uploaded and renamed.
  • Jobs for Network Sites now display relevant network site information properly.


  • Fixed an issuew here if the Moneris gateway was non-responsive, we wouldn’t properly log a payment as failed.
  • Scheduled payments will now trigger as expected through the Moneris gateway.

Schedule Live View

  • Fixed a case where technician text would be cut off – when you hover it will now expand to display the entire name.


  • Resolved a case where trailing white space characters were breaking the formatting of ticket templates.