• Down equipment list now attempts to pull a secondary address if the primary isn’t available.
  • Customer Status Lists now link both the customer name as well as ID to the customer account.
  • Excluded services no longer generate with the rest in the 477 report.
  • The account subclass report now properly classifies payments or tax credits.
  • Removed default date in the account subclass report.
  • Fixed a case in which deleted services would not be included in the account subclass report.


  • Sets host application limit to match user limit.  This helps with missing application history on the user.
  • Added host exclusion list to Saisei.  This allows you to define a list of IP addresses that you are manually managing within the STM itself.


  • Added the ability to prevent Powercode from writing MikroTik firewall rules.  This allows you to write your own firewall rules using the Powercode generated address lists.
  • Generates PCQs for slowed plans if applicable.


  • Added the ability to require Date of Birth in the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Customer alerts no longer become deactivated when they are edited.
  • Customer alerts now show which tags they have associated with them.
  • Customer alerts now update upon customer edit.

Customer Portal

  • Allow Auto/Manual now properly restricts or allows customers from switching payment type in the Customer Portal.


  • Resolved a problem with the duplicate serial check that was checking deleted equipment and triggering a false-positive.


  • Resolved an issue that would not link a ticket email to the appropriate customer.
  • Escalating a call log to a ticket is now only available if you have ticketing enabled.