PLEASE NOTE: This version of Powercode was released on 19.01.24.


  • Resolved an issue that was preventing information from being forwarded to Saisei Slaves, and would kick them into an Out of Sync status.
  • Address ranges on non-saisei BMUs should now be marked as Internal properly.
  • Ookla now identifies properly as a speedtest.
  • Added the option to set Internal Ranges as “Don’t Care” in Saisei.


  • Resolved an issue that could result in errors preventing the Procera from syncing as expected.


  • Implemented OpenAccess and WhiteList.

Scheduled Events

  • Resolved an issue where One Time Credits being added to a Customer Account as a Scheduled Event would add the taxes as Debits.


  • Automatically switching Expired CreditCards to Manual Pay will work as expected again as well as now switching over any cards that were previously expired that hadn’t changed.
  • Resolved an issue in which for the general draft format type ‘ACH’ batches wouldn’t include the bank routing number on creation.


  • Patching should work again as expected, and if it doesn’t will provide a more descriptive reason as to why.


  • Added CVV field to the CreditCard form in the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Editing a Customer Account now properly loads their ExternalAccountID.
  • Changing a customer’s status on their account will no longer improperly log that it was because they had made a payment.


  • No longer stacks jobs if it is still processing them (would cause end of the line jobs to never process).
  • Now properly handles failed jobs instead of getting stuck on them.
  • Will now prioritize APs first.


  • Hitting Enter will now properly submit the Equipment form instead of triggering the Cancel action.
  • Transferring equipment will now log the transfer properly on the account you are transferring to.


  • Should no longer save empty spaces at the end of lines as a question mark.

Network Sites

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent you from removing a Contact from a Network Site.