Release 17.05.10 is the first stable release going out to every Powercode customer since 17.01.26. Review all of the release notes about these releases before upgrading.

This stable release contains the following beta releases:

For all future upgrades, your Powercode will be set to upgrade to the latest stable release. To receive the beta releases, go to Config -> System Configuration -> System. Under the “Powercode Settings” there will be a “Powercode Release Type” drop down. There you can switch to Beta Releases. See “A Change To Update Mentality” for more details.

If there are questions about these releases or anything else that has changed, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team, and they will happily assist you.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed case where tax calculation would incorrectly round the wrong way.
  • Fixed case where credit would apply tax as a debit.
  • Fixed label with the Daily Deposit Graph.
  • Fixed case where customer password wouldn’t save properly.
  • Fixed permissions for Report Dashboard to include all groups by default.
  • Fixed file not found error when saving customer information.


  • Optimized hundreds of pages where user data was being loaded twice.
  • Restricts only RNControl compatible routers from loading into the RNControl/Readynet tab.
  • Updated API calls to log verbosely (successful and failed API calls) if setting is activated.