New Features

  • Archive Customer – You can now archive a customer. Archived customers are no longer displayed in the Powercode system.
  • FCC Form 477 State Selection – Allows users to select specific states to include in FCC report.

Bug Fixes

  • Device Probe – Device probes that are given a new manufacture, no longer default back to generic.
  • FCC Form 477 Deployment Report – Fixes FCC 477 deployment report to use the upload speed from the same service as the fastest download, rather than fastest upload available in the block.
  • FCC Form 477 Export Report Firefox – Fixes file names of FCC reports exported from Firefox.
  • Hide ECheck – If an ECheck is not enabled in the payment gateway, it will not give you the option to add one in billing.
  • Network Complete Map – Complete Map is still visible if there are no customers/network sites.