System Changes

  • Networking Optimization – Improved performance of networking features.

New Features

  • Custom Customer Alerts – You can now make admin facing customer alerts using the same filters as Mass Email. Found under Accounts -> Custom Customer Alerts.
  • Inventory Consumables – Track nuts, bolts, zip-ties, and more.
  • Inventory Filters – Live search through inventory using any column(s).
  • Inventory History – An entire history log for items and product.
  • Inventory Mass Edit/Delete – Change more than one item at the same time by checking a box on the left side of the inventory table.
  • Inventory Mass Move – Move many devices from one assignee to another.
  • Inventory Minimum Stock Level Emails – Notification emails when products go below their Minimum Stock Level.
  • Inventory Quantity Graphing – Graph the quantity of in stock and deployed products.
  • Inventory to Equipment Association – Select MAC Address from Inventory by Stock Location when adding equipment.