New Features

  • Color Code Custom Status – Custom statuses now can be assigned a custom color.
  • Configure Auto Cutoff – Can now specify which day(s) your customers will have their status automatically delinquent if their bill is past due.
  • Invoice Preference Display – Displays details page preference in the billing summary of customers.
  • Print Ticket Button – Button added to tickets to print the ticket in a clean format.
  • Ticket Relation Hyperlink – There is now a link to relations in the tickets table.
  • Ticket Sidebar Sorting – Ticketing sidebar now sorts ticket groups first by ticket count, then in alphabetical order.

Bug Fixes

  • Deletion of Generated Invoices – Fixes full deletion of self-generated invoices.
  • Due Date Proration – Fixes pro-ration issue of when a service was started between invoice generation and the billing period while using Due Date billing.