• Resolved miscellaneous issues with ACH processing under some specific billing configurations.
  • Adjusted how we validate CVV entries through Moneris to prevent some Credit Card addition failures.
  • Updated a validation check for ACH processing systems so that refunds can once again be processed for Credit Card payments (when ACH Batch processing is enabled).
  • Reverted a change that would redirect to the customer’s profile when making a cash or check payment. It will now instead redirect to the same page, as originally designed.
  • Updated Credit Card name processing to avoid issues adding some cards with special characters.
  • Updated how we validate response codes to flag refunds as successful.

Customer Overview

  • Services custom fields will no longer load a blank page when attempting to view or edit them.


  • Fixed a display bug that would show multiple “Close” icons when adding or editing files associated with device types.


  • Packages will no longer display a “Failed” message response after successfully adding an item.


  • Resolved remaining issues with double-sided PDFs for the Print Invoice report.
  • Scheduling Dashboard now properly displays the Customer Name / Network Site Name under “Checked In” jobs.
  • Removed data string from the Tax Matrix report.


  • New Contract Redirection checks for Saisei. Customers with Pending Contracts will now be redirected to sign them through the Customer Portal when using Saisei.


  • Adjusted how we record bandwidth data through the Procera API to fix some data recording inconsistencies.


  • We will appropriately prevent a comment or reply from being posted of there is no content (previously we would warn, but post the reply anyway).


  • Updated login records to avoid an issue where the last login entry wouldn’t save as expected.
  • Users who fail to log in more than 10 times will no longer be redirected to a blank screen, and instead be told their login failed and to contact an administrator.