• Added a new CVV input field for Credit Card capture. This includes a reworked Moneris integration, which opens up support for CVV Codes as well as added support for logging responses from the Moneris gateway.

For Moneris users: It is important that you do not update until you have found your API key and are able to quickly switch it out in Powercode after successfully updating to this version.¬†This gateway will no logner use Moneris’ DirectPost integration, but their API Integration – as such you will need update your API Token. Once logged into your Moneris Merchant Resource Center, navigate to Admin > Store Settings. Copy your API Token into Powercode’s Config > Billing & Payments > Payment Gateway.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Access Point information from being synced to the Saisei.


  • Resolved several indexing issues that were resulting in longer than expected load times for Equipment.
  • You can no longer attempt to transfer Equipment to a non-existent customer.
  • Some backhaul fields were not displaying as expected and should now appear properly.

Elevation Profile

  • Pending Network Sites will now show with a yellow icon, to differentiate between normal network sites.


  • We now flag all cookies created by Powercode as Secure to keep up with new PCI scan items.