This will potentially be the last stable release with minor bug fixes from the major 17.05.10 release.  If there are outstanding bugs that you are affected by, please contact support and there may be patch available.

The next release will be in the beta channel and will introduce the long awaited Option 66 templating and provisioning.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error caused by loading a web user when none exists while downloading work orders.
  • Fixed call log showing incorrect date/time.
  • Fixed not being able to apply multiple taxes to a charge.
  • Fixed issue with Canopy Speed Updater queue overloading.


  • Removed deprecated “Download BMU Firmware” link in preparation for new BMU upgrade system.
  • Migrated old Inventory Item Logs to into new Inventory Item History.
  • Added check for automatically updating portal username when editing a contact.
  • Added “%%INSTALLTYPE%%” variable to “Installer – Install/Service Call Scheduled” system email.
  • Added pdf export button to “Summarized Daily Deposits” report.
  • Added expanding customer notes while hovered over and focused.