Bug Fixes

  • BMU Event Log Spam – Fix BMU Event Log Spam if no BMU is connected.
  • Calendar Arrows – The job calendar arrows previously were not very crisp.
  • Customer Portal Data Inaccuracy – Made the customer portal data display more accurately.
  • Date Picker Inputs – We changed a few colors to make it more apparent that date pickers are active inputs.
  • Graph Date Shift – The 12 month graph dates now are more accurate to the date the data was accrued.
  • Job Notifications – Jobs now send email even when the job switches users without switching times.
  • Procera Bandwidth Gathering – On some cases, Procera Bandwidth Gathering would not properly gather.
  • Procera Time Controls Posting – On certain browsers, Procera Time Controls would not post properly.


  • Contact Page – The contact page has been re-skinned.
  • Customer Status Description – A description of what each status does is now displayed on the customer change status page.
  • Default CC Expiration – The default CC expiration now by default is not in the past.
  • Increase Usability – Minor changes have been made to many pages to improve page to page navigation and flow.