Add Customer Wizard

  • Added the ability to set SMS Preference in the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Moved minimum security questions configuration from the System Configuration to the Add Customer Wizard.

Customer Overview

  • Fixed “View on Map” link to properly load customer location.
  • Resolved an issue preventing users to open the SMS page.
  • Re-applied a fix to prevent delinquency dates on the overview from displaying longer than expected.
  • Sending a customer email will continue to retain the “from” email address, as it did previously.

Complete Map

  • Updated initial load to only load minimal network information to boost initial load (customers will now load in the background).
  • Added loading overlay to the Complete Map.
  • Fixed filter on Tower Sites “Show Customers on Pop”.
  • Resolved issues where special characters in filter names would prevent those filters from properly applying.
  • Renamed “Reset” to “Clear” for filters.
  • Removed default “Active” and “Delinquent” statuses from the active filter list on page load (to be in-line with how it functioned previously).
  • Added missing truck data and location markers to the Complete Map.


  • Resolved a display mismatch between the limit on a ticket attachment and what you could actually upload (50M vs 100M).

Elevation Profile

  • Added automatic redrawing for the Elevation Profile when the tower frequency changes.

Schedule Live View

  • Fixed job work order downloads from Schedule Live View.
  • Fixed issues transferring items between the workbench and standby lists.
  • Fixed issues with jobs not updating properly.
  • Fixed an overlay issue where the time marker would display above the map.
  • Fixed new jobs scheduled through the Customer Overview not showing up in the workbench.
  • Fixed an issue preventing jobs from being able to be dragged onto the last installer for a day.
  • Re-added latest status to Trucks in Schedule Live view as an overlay.

Installer Mobile View

  • Updated the default installer mobile view location to default to the Company Address.


  • Resolved issues not associating manual credit card payments with their appropriate card type (visa, mastercard, etc).


  • Transferring equipment to a non-existent customer or network location will now present you with an error, instead of allowing you to do so.
  • Added increased security measures in place for issues in which networks with inconsistent network connectivity to their BMUs would report improperly and cause data spikes to occur.


  • Added missing “slowed” service speeds for Preseem – customers who have this feature enabled in Powercode will now properly see customer’s speeds slowed through Preseem.
  • Updated Preseem to resolve a situation in which a customer might still have equipment on their account, but do not have active service, and were still receiving service.


  • Resolved issues with logs improperly stacking file names.