• Cost Input field can now be locked for Bulk Entry Mode.


  • Resolved an issue that was preventing backups from accessing new job files and new job files from being created.

Add Customer Wizard

  • Updated customer wizard settings to create defaults to resolve issues with defaults not already being set (settings not applying or saving).

Customer Overview

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent some custom info from displaying as expected.
  • Updating a customer account with no customer group no longer breaks after saving.


  • Updated legacy payments so their type is properly reflected in the queue.
  • Resolved an edge case where generating receipt PDFs would fail.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause IPPay failed transactions to not log results properly.
  • Added additional form validation to fix issues with the payment form not submitting at all.
  • Making a payment set as the current balance will now pull the appropriate amount, instead of processing the payment for the amount due.
  • The payment form no longer includes archived customers in the search results.
  • Payment exceeded warning should now display as expected in the admin portal.
  • Resolved several issues that were preventing IPPay BankAccount refunds from processing as expected.
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent invoice emails from not being generated.


  • Fixed a bug preventing status check, community string, and snmp version from updating as expected.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing ICMP Generic Ping probes from displaying.
  • Fixed a bug that would keep the BMU Status widget indefinitely set to ‘initializing’.

Network Sites

  • Added “Map Notes” to Network Sites to be displayed on the Elevation Profile.


  • Adding services with multiple missing fields will now only display one error message instead of many.


  • If an error was thrown, the BMU would redirect to an alternative BMU form. It now redirects back to the initial form as expected.
  • Powercode will no longer attempt to retry processing entries for non-existent BMUs.


  • Setting interfaces to ‘none’ will no longer cause them to process indefinitely in Powercode.


  • Sync will now more consistently occur instead of manually having to be triggered.


  • Fixed a bug preventing Saisei from properly pushing out updated equipment information.

Scheduled Events

  • Added in a missing trigger event for when temporary grace dates are set for re-activating a customer account.


  • Increased default system timeout to accommodate some larger reports.