• Fixed display issues that were improperly reporting successful payments as failed.
  • Income by Sub Account Class graph now displays correctly.
  • Tickets Opened and Closed now link to their respective ticket and individual network site name (if applicable).


  • Fixed a calculation error that was allowing assignment of IP Addresses from full ranges.
  • Saves correct port numbers based on protocol if none is specified.
  • Fixed a situation where changing device type for a piece of equipment would not be reflected in the type of status check performed.

Customer Overview

  • Corrected the delinquency date when bill due after settings were taken into account.
  • Customer Billing Notes will now load along with the rest of the account information.


  • Payment Receipt generation should no longer fail. Validates we have a reciept before attempting to retrieve it.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing ACH batches that were forcible split due to dollar amount restrictions from missing some entries.
  • Fixed transactions sometimes improperly showing as ‘BankAccount’ payments – which would prevent refunds from processing properly.


  • Saisei flow data graphs now account for multiple Saisei boxes inside a network.
  • Resolved an issue that would force the Saisei into an out of sync status when updating services.
  • Updated Saisei redirect to properly flag as being a redirect.
  • Hosts, users, and APs how have their map location set.