Mass Notification

  • Fixed a caching bug that was preventing send out emails or mass notifications.


  • We now prevent Customers from deleting their ACH/ECheck Accounts before a payment was processed, which would result in a failed payment.


  • Updated the link to the ACH report so it will no display as not found.
  • Resolved an issue with the Address Range report that was excluding results for customer accounts with the same name.
  • Status exports will now export the entirety of the matching customer list.


  • Updating one VoIP service was updating certain settings for all of them, they will now only update the specific service being updated.


  • We no longer allow Bad BMUs or unreachable Slaves to prevent us from probing for AutoParentChild relationships.
  • AutoParentChild no longer spends a very large amount of time trying unsuccessfully to find the parent for a single device.

Customer Overview

  • One-time services added during account creation now round their display cost as expected.


  • You can remove all Taxes from a service again.


  • Added a Powercode specific speedtest application to account for how speedtests are identified in STM 7.3.


  • Resolved an issue that would result in empty tickets from Powercode-generated emails.