New Features

  • Customer-specific System and Template Emails – you can now send System Emails to an individual customer, as well as select templates from which to draft individual customer emails.
  • MailXStream Double-Sided Printing – added the option to configure your invoice format for duplex printing.
  • Customer-specific alerts. You can now create alerts on a customer by customer basis through the Custom tab in the Customer Account.
  • Customer tags – you can now add tags to a Customer by editing their account.
  • New Twilio SMS scheduled job reminder notifications.

Bug Fixes

  • MikroTik will not longer try to queue unnecessary updates.


  • Added the option to configure left margins on invoices (1/2″ or 3/4″).
  • Added account-specific setting to prevent customers from changing payments from automatic to manual.
  • Added equipment logs for some failed o66 configuration pushes.
  • Added support for dynamic pools to MikroTik.
  • Added in remaining MikroTik logging.
  • Added remote subnets to MikroTik.
  • Enabling or disabling Credit Card Payments on a Customer Account disables ability to Add Credit Card and Make Credit Card Payments.
  • Enabling or disabling Bank Account Payments on a Customer Account disables ability to Add Bank Accounts and Make Bank Payments.