Saisei 7.3.1 Support

  • Changed the “Synch Policies” button to “Pull Policies from Saisei” to more accurately represent the action.
  • Resolves an issue where rate multipliers would divide incorrectly when pulling the policies from Saisei.
  • Resolves an issue where after synching the Saisei would be set to an “Unknown” status.
  • Added requirements when adding and editing a Saisei policy.
    • Name, Application Group, Rate Multiplier (.1-10), and Percentage Rate (0-100) are now all Required.
  • When creating a new service all service policies are set to on, the Saisei policy values, and a service rate multiplier of one by default if not set.
  • Groups Allowed Service
    • All Groups is now a switch.  When all Groups is enabled all groups are selected and the option to select individual groups is hidden.
  • Removed assured and guranteed sliders.


  • Changed communication with MobiTV from HTTP to HTTPS.


  • Resolved an issue where ftp invoices weren’t being properly sent to the remote server.
  • Added DIDs (Phone Numbers) to transactions and invoices.


  • Added a configuration option to the customer portal settings to allow the contracts tab in the customer portal and subsequent fields to be renamed.
  • Added a field on contract templates to allow for entering a custom banner message that will appear at the top of the customer portal when logged in.
    • If multiple contracts are set it will list each banner message.
  • Added a field on contract templates to allow for entering a custom message the customer will see after signing the contract in the customer portal.
  • Added button to preview the contract on both the contract templates, and customer overview pages.


  • Added an option in on the widet configuration page to only allow users with admin level permission to add or delete widgets on their dashboard.

Scheduled Job

  • Phone numbers that are standardly formatted in the job notes will be clickable in the installer mobile view.