Add Customer Wizard

  • Updated some directory configurations to ensure Custom HTML can be properly uploaded.


  • Updated backups to intelligently find the closest full backup when checking how many days to keep backups for. This should resolve any remaining issues with backups not being cleared out or removed as expected with day-specific configurations.


  • Fixed special characters in Account Names from preventing the addition of CreditCards or BankAccounts with IPPay.
  • CreditCards expiring in the current month will no longer trigger as having already expired.
  • Resolved several issues that would prevent SlowWhenOver from properly triggering.

CDR Imports

  • Resolved an issue preventing the Manual Import of CDR records.
  • Fixed a bug preventing properly saving some date formats for CDR Formats.

Customer Portal

  • Added constraints to prevent the Customer Portal logo from overlapping the Navigation Menu.
  • Added missing configuration for Warn on Overpay.
  • Fixed an issue where customers could add more than 1 automatic payment account on file.


  • Updated support for CnMaestro v2 API.
  • Added automatic update to refresh the uplink and downlink values (these update approximately every 5 minutes).
  • Fixed some incorrect calculations for bandwidth values.

Complete Map

  • Fixed Network Sites not displaying as “disabled” (these will now appear gray on the Complete Map).


  • Added validation to prevent adding a summary that is too long (64 characters).


  • Updates default MikroTik authentication to attempt SSL as a primary method of connection over the default non-ssl. (This needs to be enabled on the MikroTik Router: api-ssl).


  • Updated Inventory validation checks to prevent validating against non-values or our test mac address.
  • Fixed any missing links between Inventory and Equipment due to erroneous validation.
  • Fixed Inventory table export from not including the IMSI field.


  • Resolved issues where almost any tooltip would not properly display the correct text.
  • Added “French” translation as a new default language set for the Powercode Admin Portal.

Installer Mobile View

  • Resolved an issue preventing completion data from being viewed for jobs belonging to other installers.

Schedule Live View

  • Added loader to Schedule Live View to prevent function-breaking interactions before loading is complete.
  • Fixed jobs on initial drag from always snapping to the highest 5 minutes instead of the nearest 5 minutes.
  • Optimized how we geocode the default company address to cut down on unnecessary API calls.
  • Resolved an issue where systems with large amounts of Standby Items would take a long time to load.
  • Updated zoom to properly start further away when only 1 job existed on the schedule.
  • Fixed default location for Schedule Live View to center at the System Company Address.
  • Resolved a problem in which job notifiers would not be referenced properly and would crash.
  • Fixed not being able to close truck popups on the map.

Elevation Profile

  • Adjusted frequencies on the Elevation Profile to automatically update when selecting a new tower.

FCC Form 477

  • Removed Commercial MaxIn and MaxOut from the FCC Form 477 Deployment data report (per mandated reporting modifications).


  • Resolved a bug where removing parent from equipment would not properly refresh the page on completion.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Access Point specific details from being editable when modifying equipment (antenna type, down tilt, etc).

Network Sites

  • Removed duplicate “Notes” field from the Network Site form.


  • Removed some references to external font styles.