• Updated the link in our API configuration to point to Powercode v19 Documentation.


  • Updated references for old ACH processing index to point to the appropriate URL.
  • Added ‘Name of Card’ to the Payments Received Report.
  • Fixed several pagers that were not displaying the appropriate amount of items in the table.
  • Limited transaction selection to prevent some transactions from displaying in the wrong section.
  • Resolved an issue where the Customer Usage Report would not load as expected.

Network Locations

  • Updated Network Location notes handling to avoid a case where you were unable to add a new Network Site.

Customer Overview

  • Fixed an issue where email event logs would be malformed.
  • Removed a deprecated reference that was preventing customer statuses from being updating while having ezPhone enabled.
  • Uploading customer files will now uniformly record the WebUser uploading, as well as more uniformly logging the changes being made.


  • Manually entering an IP in the Equipment Form will now filter which Address Range it should be in and selects it automatically if there is only 1.


  • Custom Charge dates will now properly save as a 24 hour format instead of the previous 12 hour format.
  • Payment Gateways that do not support BankAccounts will no longer display this as an option.
  • Payments will now properly re-activate accounts when submitting a payment through the admin portal.
  • Setting a Grace Period to 0 will no longer cause the default Grace Period to be reset incorrectly.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause pending or incomplete BankPayments to not be verified (or returned) properly.
  • Returned check event logs will properly record the TransactionID instead of previously recording the record ID.
  • Updated IPPay Payments to correctly label API payments when they are posted.

Payment Accounts

  • Corrected spelling when successfully switching a PaymentAccount to Automatic.
  • Added webhook trigger for deleted payment account to activate from the Admin Portal.

Make Payment

  • BankAccount icon will no longer display alongside the CreditCard widget when making a payment.
  • Fixed CreditCard expiration validation attempts failing on certain Payment Gateways.


  • Updating partial Unimus configurations no longer updates the entire category.


  • Resolved issues that were preventing the merge / mass status bar from displaying as expected.


  • Scheduling a network job is now limited to creating one job and will no longer create multiple jobs if submitted multiple times in a row.


  • Updated a database timeout restriction that was causing issues with large backups > 30G.
  • Updated our daily OUI build to generate values using the new file structure as expected.
  • Increased session expiration time to previous default of 8 hours (up from 1 hour).