This is the first set of release notes for Powercode v19 which runs on CentOS 7.  These release notes do not represent all of the changes between v18 and v19.  These release notes are for changes from v19.02.12 through v19.03.04.  We are going to start publishing release notes for each version of v19 as we start putting v19 into more and more people’s hands.  If you are currently on v18, many of the bug fixes in v19 releases are backported and you should continue to review the release notes for v18 releases of Powercode.  Publishing release notes regularly is another step in us making v19 available to everyone, we thank you for your patience.

These release notes are for the benefit of those helping us beta test v19.  v19 is still in beta and as such there are a higher volume of bug fixes.  Many items you read about in a v19 release are exclusively affecting v19.

Schedule Overrides

  • When creating a schedule override, it now automatically populates the end time to be 1 hour after the start.

Schedule Live View

  • When hovering over a technician, it will now expand to display the full technician group and name.


  • Added missing port to links for Infrastructure equipment.
  • Resolved an issue that was preventing equipment images from being created.

Network Sites

  • Fixed several bugs preventing uploading and renaming files attached to a Network Site.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a lock up when attempting to create a new ticket attached to a network location.


  • Refactored the cases in which we incorporate break tags to prevent unwanted line spacing.
  • Resolves display issues on tickets page, customer portal, and when printing tickets.
  • Fixed a bug that would not properly identify tickets opened from the Customer Portal and wouldn’t send ticket replies for them.


  • Added the ability to send Mass Notifications to customers with a balance, amount due, or amount past due greater than 0.


  • Fixed a case where Saisei configurations wouldn’t save when finished.
  • Added an IP / Subnet specific whitelist to Saisei.
  • Added redirect functionality to Saisei.
  • Added the ability to use Subnets in Saisei Exclusion list.
  • Resolved an issue in which we wouldn’t always find the relevant ParentID for equipment.
  • Mark Zero as External should now save properly.
  • Fixed a bug that was assigning customers to non-existent slow plans.
  • Resolved an issue where non-existnat groups were breaking host requests.
  • Added new rate plans for delinquent and infrastructure accounts.
  • Added speed options for new delinquent and infrastructure plans.
  • Added infrastructure equipment to Saisei hosts with user and plan of “infrastructure”.
  • Hosts being removed from Saisei are now set to the “delinquent” plan instead of the default plan.
  • Increased the requirements for matching a ParentID to a piece of equipment, which should eliminate cases where ParentIDs weren’t entirely correct.
  • Make identified applications dynamic in Saisei as they will be rolled up and pushed via Saisei Application List and can be cleared out on reboots.
  • Pushes the external Saisei application list after syncing the database.
  • Added customer groups to Saisei and marks users with their Customer Group.
  • Reverted Saisei to no longer create a speed test application by default.


  • Removed a restriction for Collections accounts from making payments or account adjustments.
  • Resolved an issue where we incorrectly were loading account email preferences when manually sending out invoices.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing customer security questions for being saved on new account addition.
  • Fixed changing the referral for a customer redirecting to the wrong page.
  • Validation now will properly increment bad passes.
  • Add Customer Wizard will no longer auto-fill Customer or Address information.

Customer Portal

  • Added global redirect messages for Delinquent Accounts or Pending Contract accounts.
  • Global redirect messages can be turned on/off from the Customer Portal settings.
  • Resolved an error when attempting to load some contracts in the Customer Portal.
  • Customer Portal logos and files should now resolve their paths properly.
  • Added config option to define the email address that support emails are sent to.
  • Sends contact’s first and last name as the FROM name in the email.
  • Shows/hides ticket and email fields as required on customer portal config page.
  • Fixes text displayed in the browser if no system email is defined.
  • Displays proper text in sidebar depending on support contact preference.
  • Removes Powercode and ticket verbiage from email subject.
  • Added the ability to prevent excess payments by a percentage amount.


  • Check for duplicated serials no longer validates against deleted equipment.


  • Fixed issues where whitespace would prevent properly importing voip rates into Powercode.

Form 477

  • Updated the way we query census tracts to resolve an issue properly updating them in Powerocde.


  • Updated the status we check for Moneris payments to handle gateway connection failures.


  • New ability to send out emails in Batches when using the Outbound Email server setting – X amount of emails per X seconds.
  • Job emails for Network Sites will now properly include network site information.


  • Loading device categories and types now includes DeviceTypes of ‘Other’.


  • Resolved issues preventing the Ticket Transfers and Down Equipment reports from being loaded if a customer didn’t have a Primary Contact.


  • Fixed a bug that wasn’t allowing scheduled payments to process as expected.
  • Resolved an issue with php modules that would improperly affect some output comparisons.
  • Reverted an upgrade to our PDF generator that was causing massive memory leak issues.
  • Fixed timestamps for bounced checks / credit card refunds from being incorrect.


  • Increased client_max_body_size to resolve issues with large form submissions.
  • File uploads / downloads no longer point to a non-existent directory.
  • Port :81 wasn’t properly referencing system SSL settings.
  • Fixed a bug that was pointing widget screenshots to the incorrect directory.
  • Fixed a bug on upgrade that was setting the server hostname to an empty string.
  • Resolved an issue in which forms wouldn’t submit their associated action as expected.