• Resolved an issue with BaiCells where adding a Package would not update services properly.

Customer Overview

  • Call Logs will no longer display out of order in the overview list.
  • Changes to a Customer Account will now always log changes properly – they were sometimes failing previously due to the nature of the change.

Customer Lists

  • Resolved an issue that would prevent any column except for CustomerID from being filterable in Customer Status lists.


  • Re-added all default policies to Saisei.


  • Equipment will be added to the queue even if it doesn’t have an interface which was causing a disruption with Queues.
  • Resolved an issue that was causing remote subnets not to load as expected.
  • We now only add Infrastructure to the MikroTik if it is tied to a BMU.

Mass Notification

  • Fixed an issue that wasn’t grouping customers properly for determining which customers should receive a notification.

Customer Portal

  • Overage charge amounts in GB will now properly be converted.


  • Added address to the Equipment by Status report.


  • Delinquent customer emails now properly use the Customer Name and not the name of an individual contact.


  • Fix for empty or non-existent serial numbers incorrectly triggering validation.


  • Resolved an issue where mirrored BMUs would not always pull the correct master BMU to send probes to.