New Features

  • New redesigned Add / Edit BMU page.
  • Preseem BMU – added the ability to add Preseem as a BMU.

Bug Fixes

  • Various fixes to graphing including certain probes not graphing, BMU throughput not graphing properly, and graphs missing chunks of data.
  • Services will no longer fail to delete if FCC data is attached to it.
  • Validation errors when saving a service will now display an alert only once.


  • Added missing datepicker selector to the account and account class reports.
  • Added preseem bandwidth gathering endpoint to the API.
  • Added an internal email event trigger when a customer status changes.
  • Customer files now sort by filename as default.
  • Updated several alignment aspects on the BMU Statistics page.
  • Updated Saisei to show the correct version string.
  • Updated Saisei Application list.