System Changes

  • Late Fee – you can now specify a specific number of days after a bill is due to apply a Late Fee (X Days After Due).
  • Customer Portal Balance – customer portal now warns when overpaying on the account balance instead of the amount due.


  • Created new cnMaestro page for Access Point data.
  • Created new cnMaestro page for Subscriber Module data.
  • Redesigned the Add / Update Services page.


  • Fixed description wrapping off-screen in the transaction log list.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment that wasn’t rate limited would block anything else from being limited.
  • Search now retains search results when a session expires through the Staff Portal.
  • Fixed an issue with saving contact information, specifically passwords.
  • Network Site files will now delete fully.
  • Fixed an issue where changing a customer to archived status from a Scheduled Event would fail to fully archive the customer.
  • Customers will now be redirected to a Success page when completing a payment in the Customer Portal.
  • Fixed an issue where timestamps would generate incorrectly in the Customer Portal.
  • Updated procera data types to prevent issues with syncing service data.
  • Saisei assured and restricted settings now save properly.
  • Fixed network sites View on Map link to function properly.
  • Event logs for address changes no longer improperly label latitude as longitude.
  • Device reboot button no longer shows if a cnMaestro device is in bad status.
  • Fixed issues with loading correct census blocks for the FCC 477 report.
  • CustomerID no longer opens transaction history in the Account Class report.