New Features

  • Ticket Grouping – you can now set tickets to have parent tickets, child tickets, and allows children to see their sibling tickets.

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice remittance section text no longer overlaps.
  • Fixed MikroTik bandwidth gathering failing to start from false trigger.
  • Adding customer equipment no longer duplicates equipment names after a previous piece of equipment had been deleted.
  • Credit Cards no longer indefinitely add 3 years to the expiration date when failing to add.
  • Fixed jobs with invalid coordinates from causing schedule live view popover to stay on screen.
  • Financial Dashboard totals now format to include commas, prevent running out of container.
  • Links in Ticket Canned Replies link correctly again.
  • Fixed editing a one-time service from logging the change incorrectly as a monthly service.
  • Customers with service report now loads status correctly and no longer shows duplicate results.
  • Guarantor search results are no longer white when using dark theme.