Few more fixes and enhancements in this one.

New Features

  • MarketBroadband reports.  You can now export reports for MarketBroadband.  After entering in initial account information, you can pull Activation and Suppression lists to send to MarketBroadband.  Beta customers will receive the ability to automatically send it to MarketBroadband soon as well.
  • Export KML of your Powercode data.  We’ve taken the first steps in allowing you to export mappable data in Powercode out to a KML for your use with other software and data.  While there are many use cases for this, my favorite is using something like Google Earth to track new tower or site prospects, then export all failed installs out of Powercode, use Google Earth to overlay the two sets of data to make more informed decisions.  The use cases are many as we allow you to export current network sites, all customers, customers by status, and we’ll do more based on your requests.

Bug Fixes

  • New lines in some cases were breaking the customer notes section in the customer overview.  This is now fixed.
  • Portal speedtest page was breaking due to recent changes.
  • Dates on invoices will more reliably take into account certain timezones that were having issues.
  • Job Schedule and Complete emails were being sent out with blank data.  There were 2 offending circumstances that were reported to us, both are fixed.
  • Stopped Powercode from generating debit/credit tax line items of $0.00.
  • Fixed transaction descriptions being limited by character count or being cut off.
  • SurgeMail had an issue when using different domains on provisioning.  SurgeMail will now use the correct domain selected when provisioning for a customer.
  • Fixed custom items navigation link going to wrong destination.
  • Fixed issue where tickets would sometimes try to update the email even if one did not exist.


  • Telnet is now available as a protocol for equipment.  Links with telnet:// should then open your default client.
  • Added option to completely disable backups by Powercode.  This is great for users that run on VMs and take snapshots using their virtualization stack.
  • We now display pending one time charges and credits for pre-activation customers on the Services tab.
  • Invoices and debit/credits for ‘Pro Rated’ items will now be labeled as ‘Partial Month’ as that is a more universally understood term.