System Changes

  • Data Calculations – Data calculations across the system have been modified to be more accurate.

Bug Fixes

  • 1 IP Address Range Gateway Calculation – Gateway calculation on 1 IP Address Ranges is a little more intelligent.
  • 12 Month Bandwidth History – Certain months weren’t showing properly on 12 month bandwidth history using Fixed Day: Due Date billing.
  • Consumable Minimum Stock Level Trigger – Consumables now trigger the minimum stock level email.
  • Duplicate Job Completion Emails – Users no longer receive duplicate job completion emails if assigned to more than 1 group with the permission of ‘job completion emails’.
  • Import DIDs – The Import DIDs form wasn’t posting properly.
  • Job Notes Special Symbols – Certain symbols were making job notes not show properly.
  • Network Dashboard Links – Network dashboard links now remain links after page load.
  • Powercode Procera Live View Accuracy – Powercode Procera Live View is now much more accurate than before.
  • Print Ticket (Dark Theme) – In dark theme, printing tickets resulted in a very light header.
  • Probe Notifier Over Notify – On edge cases, the equipment probe notifier would notify every minute regardless of repeat settings.
  • Safari Inventory Assignee Toggle – On Safari browser, the assignee toggle did not work properly.
  • Service CSV Export Duplicate IDs – When exporting the Services CSV, the ID showed twice.
  • Ticket Responsible User – Upon clicking My Tickets -> Responsible Group, it shows all the tickets assigned to your group.
  • Ticket Sidebar Responsible Group Counts – Ticket sidebar’s responsible group counts were not accurate.
  • Ticket Tags (Dark Theme) – In dark theme, the text for adding ticket tags was illegible.
  • View Own Ticket – IIf a ticket was assigned to a user and a group they weren’t a member of, they were unable to view the ticket in their ticket list.


  • Customer ID Multi Day Schedule – Customer ID is now included in the Multi Day Schedule.
  • Customer Overview Job Sort – Customer Overview Jobs are now sorted by start time with the latest job on top.
  • Job Completion Emails – Job completion emails have been removed from the default permission groups. If you would like to get job completion emails, please add yourself to a custom permission group containing the appropriate permission.
  • Services Currency Symbol – The currency symbol now shows on the services table.