New Features

  • Custom Reports Date Range – Date Range Custom Report type has been added. Enables users to select a date range upon execution of the report.
  • Powercode Procera Live View – The first rendition of Powercode Procera Live View is now available.
  • Readynet TR-069 Management – Readynet Remote Management is now available via the Equipment Details pages. Configuration is located in Config -> Third Party Integrations -> ReadyNet.

Bug Fixes

  • Add Shared Network – Previously, it was not possible to add shared networks.
  • Customer Job Notification Exclusion – Customers that were excluded using the checkboxes were previously not excluded.
  • Customer Physical Address Notes – Billing address notes were overwriting physical address notes on page load.
  • Delete Service Prorate – Upon deleting a service, the service would prorate regardless of selection.
  • ePMP Monitoring Tool – The ePMP monitoring tool was not functioning properly as of the 16.09 releases.
  • Equipment Add/Edit Page Speed – After much optimization with database queries, the equipment add/edit page speed is greatly improved.
  • Inventory Inactive WebUser – Inactive WebUsers are no longer displayed in Inventory Dropdowns.
  • Inventory Item Columns – The responsiveness of Inventory Item Columns have been re-worked to show/hide columns in a more intelligent priority.
  • Ping Widget – The ping widget now resolves hosts properly.
  • Probe Output Modifier – Output modifier on equipment details now shows the proper modified value.
  • Tax Report Credit Column – The credit column of the tax report now shows the proper value.
  • User Job Schedule Menu – On Firefox, users were unable to open the user job schedule menu.