• When automatic payment methods are set to manual, payment queue entries are marked as canceled. #2501
  • Resolved an issue that caused billing to halt during certain billing configurations.
  • Resolved issues where payment methods would result in incorrect status with certain billing configurations.
  • Resolved an issue where billing would run out of memory during large billing runs.


  • Resolved an issue with ticket logs displaying off the screen when lengthy. #2565

Customer Overview

  • Resolved a rounding issue where the services total cost. #2552

Parent Child

  • Resolved an issue with deleted equipment attempting to calculate the parent-child relationship. #2567

FCC 477

  • Resolved an issue with the CIR toggle not functioning properly.  #2568


  • Resolved an issue where tax zones with names greater than 32 characters get truncated resulting in duplicate tax zone names when generating the spreadsheets for the tax zones report. #2559
  • Resolved issues with the account sub-class report. #2572


  • Resolved an issue with setting the guarantor account on a customer via the API. #2449
  • Resolved an issue with setting the company on a customer via the API. #2448


  • Updated API calls to V2.

Send Mass Notifcation

  • Resolved an issue where the send mass notification email option was not populating certain lists #2474