With the 19.12.05 release, we are officially moving our new Google Maps integration out of Closed Beta! We are very excited with the possibilities (and future plans) that this new integration allows for us. To configure Google maps to work with your Powercode installation, you will need to set up and configure a Google API Key with the following API’s enabled. Once completed add your Google API Key to¬†Configure > System Configuration > Maps.


  • Added ticket creating webhook when creating a ticket through the API. These are distinguished from the admin portal with the “OpenedFrom” field being “API”.
  • Adding a payment account will now only validate expiration dates for CreditCards.


  • Pro-rating service additions for services on guarantor accounts now logs the addition with the Customer Name instead of ID to match other log events.
  • Added check for VISAElectron cards to properly be labelled and processed.
  • Balances transferred from a guarantor account will now properly show up on invoices under “One-time charges”.
  • Fixed BankAccount tab not displaying for the admin portal when using ACH Processing.
  • Accounts with pending transactions can no longer be removed, and will alert you to how many pending transactions are tied to the account.

Customer Portal

  • Removed the ability for customers to add a second automatic payment account through the Portal.

Complete Map

  • Fixed issues with KML Overlays causing the Complete Map to crash.
  • Updated display for “View on Map” to show as expected.
  • Fixed a rare case in which “Show Customers on Pop” would not trigger properly.
  • Reverted changes to where the complete map would center on customers instead of network sites.


  • When modifying equipment, we resolved issues preventing saving or updating that equipment due to some unrelated validation.
  • Resolved some performance issues that affected some migrated systems surrounding the Equipment Log.
  • Equipment errors will now display the affected fields instead of a generic error message (this will help in narrowing down validation issues).
  • The network location filter on the equipment form will no longer account for inactive sites.


  • Added missing service add trigger event to resolve issues with new services not updating properly with MobiTv.


  • Added missing Maps configuration element to the menu (if it does not already exist).
  • Removed duplicate “help” navigation menu elements.
  • Re-ordered Completion Templates under the appropriate Items > Install category to ensure uniform menus.

Google Calendar

  • If we fail to push a calendar event, we will log to the System Event log the reason why.

Powercode BMU

  • Resolved issues where BMU backups originating from non-listed IPs would not properly be associated and retrieved (failed to retrieve backup issues).
  • Fixed a reboot issue that would not properly kick off a re-sync when a BMU restarts.


  • Resolved an issue where inventory errors would not display, and it would appear that an item save was successful even when it was not.


  • Re-added Twilio Dashboard report to the report dashboard for any systems in which this was missing.


  • Fixed a error with links in the Slack webhook integration that would point to an invalid URL.