This is the first set of release notes for Powercode v19 which runs on CentOS 7.  These release notes do not represent all of the changes between v18 and v19.  These release notes are for changes from v19.01.09 through v19.02.12.  We are going to start publishing release notes for each version of v19 as we start putting v19 into more and more people’s hands.  If you are currently on v18, many of the bug fixes in v19 releases are backported and you should continue to review the release notes for v18 releases of Powercode.  Publishing release notes regularly is another step in us making v19 available to everyone, we thank you for your patience.

These release notes are for the benefit of those helping us beta test v19.  v19 is still in beta and as such there are a higher volume of bug fixes.  Many items you read about in a v19 release are exclusively affecting v19.

System Changes

  • Re-establishes connection after each successful backup to the remote backup server, as previously we were failing to properly backup multiple files.
  • Displays an error message as a reason when a patch fails to apply.
  • Resolved issues with Powercode process identification files so they now have the appropriate permissions.
  • Resolved some issues that were causing some system crashes due to infinite worker spawning.
  • Fixed icon alignment for the account profile picture in the navigation bar.


  • Fixed Bank Account returns so they log the appropriate response reason for why they failed.
  • Updated how we verify transactions so it checks the gateway properly before running.
  • Resolved issues for processing payments for Charge Cards on Bill Due Day.
  • Charge Cards on Bill Due Day now labels Bank Account payments properly.
  • Resolved an issue in which Accounts > Enter Payment was not functioning as expected.
  • Customers can no longer delete a Bank Account that has a payment in the PaymentQueue.
  • IPPay verification now returns the transaction result to verify as expected.
  • Fixed one-time scheduled event charges from adding taxes as debits.
  • Resolved issues with the Expired Credit Card script to properly validate / send emails when they do expire.
  • Creating ACH Batches now properly pulls account number to deposit the batch into.
  • Permissions are now properly checked when generating a manual invoice.
  • Resolved issues with ProPay not checking the correct transaction when verifying them.
  • Verifying transactions no longer loads transactions from all time, and instead
    only loads transactions from the past month.
  • Logs the correct response from Authorize to fix errors with determining what happened.
  • Fixed Late Fee Days after Due to display the saved value properly.


  • Added PC_Speedtest application to Saisei to handle how Saisei 7.3 detects speed tests.
  • We now generate PCQ slow plans for Saisei if applicable.
  • Removes applications from policies that have groups in Saisei (was causing issues).
  • Saisei mirrors are no longer required to be Saisei BMUs.
  • Ookla will now identify as speedtest.
  • Optimized how we load equipment relationship data to greatly increase sync data speeds, especially on large network customers.
  • Added ‘don’t care’ option to Saisei internal ranges.
  • Added host exclusion list to Saisei.
  • Sets host application limit to match user limit.
  • Added checks to ensure default Upload/Download values are pushed if they don’t exist.
  • “Other” Saisei policies can now be edited.
  • The queries to fetch infrastructure equipment and their parents have been update to accurately retrieve all applicable equipment with accurate upstream values.
  • Updated the way we display the Saisei version string on the BMU Overview page.


  • Added the ability to enable or disable firewall rules for MikroTik.


  • Added optimizations to how we handle Preseem data to increase performance.

Powercode BMU

  • Fixed issues with customer update events that were causing the Slave BMU to kick into an out of sync status.


  • Fixed a problem with the Debits / Credits report from trying to select a non-existent data field.
  • Removed Failed Tokenization report.
  • New Financial Dashboard (v2).
  • The entire customer status report can now be exported, as opposed to just the active page, and it now functions properly.
  • Fixes missing tablesorter from the individual site overview logs.
  • Fixed a bug that was excluding duplicate-customer-name entries from the Address Range report.
  • Fixed missing pager and exporter in the Accounts With Balances Due report.
  • Customer status reports now link the Customer Name as well as the ID to the customer account.
  • Equipment by Status now tries for a second address if the first is non-existent.
  • SubAccountClass report now properly classifies taxes and credits.
  • SubAccountClass fixes for issues with loading service information for deleted services.
  • Removed default date from the SubAccountClass report.
  • Form 477 report will no longer generate for excluded services.


  • Resolved an error that was checking for equipment name even if we failed to load it.
  • Removed requirement to have a piece of equipment before adding a Remote Subnet.
  • Auto Parent Child now delete jobs after 2 failures, it will get kicked back in and tried during the next cycle anyway.
  • Auto Parent Child now properly determines which BMU to send to, reroutes if there is a Bad BMU in the pipe.
  • Auto Parent Child will now only re-queue equipment if prior equipment has finished processing.
  • Auto Parent Child will no longer die unexpectedly.
  • Re-added missing quick item assign functionality to Powercode.
  • Fixed IP queries that were loading IPs in range from being so slow.
  • Added permission for choosing not to link matching mac to inventory.
  • Added serial field to equipment form inventory search.
  • Added a permission to allow editing a equipment’s device type and category after its added.
  • Fixed issues in which the Network Site list would not fully populate.
  • Fixed an issue that was setting slowAfterTriggered to an incorrect value.


  • You can now remove a Network Site contact.


  • Custom Customer Alerts for a customer account now update on save, and remain active.
  • Customer alert groups no longer trigger updates twice unnecessarily.
  • Forces verification to ensure our security questions are valid.
  • Resolves an error with trying to increment a bad pass if the WebUser doesn’t exist.
  • No longer show the SMS button on the customer overview if the system isn’t set up for it.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing contact’s usernames from being updated.
  • Removed readonly attribute from contact username input field.
  • Changes made to ExternalAccountID are now logged.
  • ExternalAccountID now loads as expected when editing a Customer account.
  • Manual status changes for accounts no longer logs as “due to payment”.
  • All country edits / updates are now uniformly saved to proper ISO code.
  • Fixed a bug that was saving address states / countries as numeric values.
  • Added option to require date of birth when creating a new customer.
  • Contact default language preference now defaults to the system default rather than none.
  • Call logs should now sort by their entered time as expected, instead of last updated.
  • Resolved issues with customer address states not saving properly.
  • Added back Saisei graphs to the Customer Overview.

Custom Info Templates

  • Resolved an issue that was preventing you from adding newly-created custom info templates to accounts.
  • We no longer show the disconnect_text report link if that custom template doesn’t exist.

Customer Portal

  • Permissions for setting a payment account to manual or automatic in the Customer Portal is now properly accounted for.
  • Customer Portal users from different countries can now properly select their state or province.
  • Removed permission checks for payment accounts so that existing customer accounts could be used to make payments through the portal.
  • Added ability to change / update username from the Customer Portal.
  • Added default settings to prevent robots from crawling the Customer Portal.


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing all taxes from being removed from a service.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing cancel to submit a one-time credit.
  • One-Time services that are added to accounts before activation will no longer round incorrectly.
  • Fixed rate multiplier text option to display the correct value.


  • Fixed a bug that was causing Powercode-generated emails to be blank.
  • Resolved issues that would result in associated customer email from being blank.

Schedule Live View

  • Resolved issues with schedule live view trying to reference legacy files.
  • Fixed job notes template pager from not displaying.


  • Resolved a problem adding Bank Accounts through the API that was incorrectly validating for a Credit Card.
  • Updates for readCustomer have been made to include current amount due and past due balance.
  • Fixed a bug that was allowing for multiple payments accounts to be primary.
  • We now properly handle JSON new line characters.
  • Added the ability to update equipment addresses.
  • Added getContactByEmail endpoint.
  • Returns error now on failed API payments.
  • Added new endpoint to get a transaction list.
  • Added name and type to listCustomerInvoices.
  • Updated changePortalPassword endpoint to accept email or username in addition to the contact.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from updating user’s passwords through the API.
  • Resolved an issue with loadByUsername in which multiple accounts were returned.

Mobile View

  • Deletion of equipment now allows for you to return it to stock on mobile.
  • Fixed issues preventing adding equipment back to inventory from equipment on mobile.


  • Added missing Webhooks to Mobile View.
  • Added ‘Serial’ field to equipment webhooks.
  • Equipment add/edit webhook now identifies which specific action it was triggered by.
  • Remove Subnet webhooks will now actually return data.
  • Added a webhook for removing customer services.
  • Added webhook for editing a customer account.
  • Fixed missing trigger for add service webhook during customer creation.
  • Added webhook on delete equipment.
  • Added the ServiceID to equipment and remote subnet webhooks.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing customers with no service from sending out webhooks.
  • Added imsi to equipment webhooks.
  • Added webhooks for remote subnet CRUD methods.
  • Resolved an issue in which Customer Tags wouldn’t associate properly to account update webhooks.

Mass Notification

  • Fixed proper SMS and Email portions showing when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Fixed an issue with getting customer information for a SMS specific customer.