• Several adjustments to the equipment form to resolve issues with inputs not updating properly or saving as expected.
  • Device configuration files were showing duplicate results, they should now only show one.


  • Modified some calculations to properly reflect flow data rates for Saisei graphs.
  • During sync, Powercode will now properly determine if a Partition has been disabled, and removes it from the rate plan if so.
  • You can no longer unselect the “Other” partition.
  • Any Equipment parents will now be added into Saisei as APs.
  • Added all Customer Portal Saisei graphs to the Customer Overview.

Customer Portal

  • Resolved an issue where disabling customer’s ability to delete their last payment method also unintentionally affected customer permissions.


  • SlowAfterTriggered will now correctly effect the its corresponding MikroTik queue.


  • You can now search by ExternalAccountID in the Search Bar.

Elevation Profile

  • Disabled network sites will now show in the Elevation Profile and will be tagged ‘DISABLED’.