• Updated the remote patch location, which will resolve issues seeing outdated or old patches.
  • When scheduling an upgrade, Beta customers may have experienced an issue where the upgrade would be scheduled immediately. This has been resolved, and upgrades will schedule and run at the correct time now.


  • Updated the equipment form to properly show options when modifying a device configuration template file.
  • The inventory popup will now show pagination, to properly navigate through all available inventory items.
  • Inventory popup has been adjusted to scroll more easily, especially on lower-resolution screens.
  • Resolved a problem in which the IMSI wasn’t being set when editing a piece of equipment.
  • Custom Fields will now populate again on the Equipment form.


  • Saisei BMUs should no longer unintentionally kick into an Out of Sync status.


  • MikroTik interfaces for mirrored BMUs will now save properly.

Customer Portal

  • Some Saisei-specific graphs weren’t matched correctly with their Customer Portal configuration settings, we’ve re-matched them to activate properly.


  • Unselectable services will no longer show up when applying a one-time service or charge.


  • Firefox CSV exports will now export with the correct name and extension type. No more ‘bin’ file downloads.
  • New Report Access Logging – we’ve added logging to reports to log web user access to those reports. Access logs can be found under Reports -> Report Access Logs.
  • Customer Logs Report ‘More Info’ has been enabled as a filterable column.