• Initial deployment and support of IPv6 for MikroTik within Powercode. Documentation will be released shortly.
  • New Equipment Form for tracking and handling IPv6.


  • Added the ability to set a custom total queue when PCQ is selected.
  • Non-service APs can now have leases.
  • You can now select total-queue for PCQ.


  • Removing a price override sometimes set the override incorrectly to $0. This has been fixed.
  • Deleting credit cards now shows the last 4 digits to verify the correct card is being deleted.
  • Setting grace periods was sometimes trying to reactivate customers twice, they will now only be reactivated once.
  • When billing with IPPay for the first time, an issue where check numbers could bounce back as invalid has been resolved.
  • Fixed various points in Invoices where foreign characters were not being encoded properly.


  • CSV exports for reports will now be named by their respective Report name. For example, the Active Customers report will now export as Active Customers.csv


  • Application lists will now be pulled directly from powercode.com, to ensure it is always up to date.

Customer Portal

  • Equipment probes can be enabled through the Customer Portal configuration, and viewed directly on the Customer Portal.
  • Multiple customer portal graphs for Saisei have been fixed and will now display correctly.
  • New Default Login page allows you to configure which page you want customers to be redirect to when they log in.


  • Port specifications will now be saved correctly.
  • SNMP OIDs will no longer save as the “Last Result”.


  • You can now search for Equipment by EquipmentID and be directed to the equipment page if a match is found.
  • Added the ability to search by Transaction ID.
  • Added the ability to search by IMSI.
  • Added the ability to search by the last 4 digits of a Credit Card.


  • There were some cases where data would display even if it didn’t exist, these have been resolved.


  • Added the ability to create and require security questions to be answered when creating a customer account.
  • When sending an email to an individual customer, the “From” address will now pull from the appropriate Multi Brand Company.


  • We resolved an issue where some job variables were not populating when sending out a Twilio message.


  • Loading and saving available patches will now work as intended.


  • Customer Tax Zones will now properly be set when updating a customer through the API.