• We explicitly tell Saisei hosts are NOT dynamic to make sure the STM doesn’t forget which customer the host is assigned to.
  • Updated application signatures and lists. Including much better handling of Microsoft updates.
  • Created a ‘game-downloads’ application group and moved relevant applications into this group to separate game play vs game downloads.


  • MikroTik ‘burst in’ speeds were being confused with max speeds, this has been corrected.


  • Ticketing action buttons will now properly activate on iOS devices.


  • Backups now are configured to be stored for X days, old configurations based on weeks have been automatically converted to the correct number of days.


  • An issue where you were unable to edit Contact’s addresses has been resolved.
  • Credit card automatic payment status now shows on the Customer Portal and is no longer affected by unrelated configuration options.
  • Customer Group has been added as a configurable required field to the Add Customer Wizard.
  • Sending mass notifications now properly loads customers by IP Range. It was previously indicating an incorrect number of recipients.
  • Customer status changes now properly trigger the internal email alert.
  • Download links for files should work correctly now.


  • Deleted inventory locations no longer appear as a valid return location when deleting equipment from a customer.
  • Inventory products can now be sorted by quantity.


  • Added in missing network sites to the multi-day schedule.
  • Tech time sheets will no longer attempt to autofill a date over the date selector.
  • Added a ‘Recalculate Drive Time’ button on individual jobs. Allowing you to manually confirm drive times on a per job basis.


  • Added the ability to customize invoice messages and stub message font sizes.


  • We now avoid a case where you might accidentally refund a single payment multiple times.
  • When setting a Temporary Grace Period for a customer that is already delinquent, the customer’s internet service will now automatically be re-activated.
  • One-time credits should no longer be labeled as Monthly Discounts.
  • Permission groups were not properly being taken into account when applying one-time credits, this has been fixed.
  • The financial dashboard ARPU total was not accounting for 0 cost price overrides, we have updated the dashboard to now account for this.


  • Customer Tax Zone now saves properly when updating a Customer through the API.


  • Updated the way we handle probe responses to resolve issues with Equipment Monitor graphs not displaying correctly.
  • Validation errors now show properly when editing or adding a BMU.


  • The groups tab is no longer persistently hidden when adding new services.
  • Updated services custom fields to fix some display issues.