This stable release is the first stable release since 17.09.14 and contains the following beta releases:


  • New Customer Portal Speed Test.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scheduled bank payments from failing to convert cents to dollars before an ach batch.
  • Fixed an issue where Temporary Grace Dates wouldn’t save for certain customers.
  • Fixed customer call record exports from failing.
  • Fixed a validation issue for mac addresses while adding items in inventory.
  • Fixed tickets with many logs from crashing on load.
  • Fixed customer portal payments sending emails to all contacts regardless of email preference.
  • Fixed minor bugs with orphaned data, queue trees, and packet marking with MikroTik.
  • Fixed invoices from showing $0 payment amount if no payments were made.
  • Fixed blank entries in System Emails.
  • Fixed input elements displaying improperly.
  • Fixed¬†being able to check in multiple jobs for the same installer in Schedule Live View.
  • Fixed customer portal access not logging change.
  • Fixed Procera shaping rule priority from not saving when no other changes were made.
  • Fixed scroll to top when clicking on popup launchers on the Customer Overview.
  • Fixed permission issue preventing cloned groups from accessing International Voice Rates.
  • Fixed inconsistent log entries for activating accounts due to payments.
  • Fixed mobile phone numbers from not loading properly on the customer overview.
  • Fixed Dropbox backups – Updated to API v2.
  • Fixed an error that would occur with missing services in Preseem.
  • Fixed complete map showing purple dots.
  • Fixed an issue where scheduled payments could be made without a credit card.
  • Fixed redirect of deleting equipment from individual site overview page.
  • Fixed service description not wrapping properly on invoices.
  • Fixed several issues causing connections to fail with MagicMail.


  • Added ability to set MikroTik as a slave to a Procera.
  • Added ability to set Powercode BMU as a slave to MikroTik.
  • Added ethernet link box for Option 66.
  • Added customer portal disabled text to the portal main resource list to allow customization.
  • Added priority column to Procera shaping rules list.
  • Added the ability to schedule service addition and removal for snowbird accounts through scheduled events.
  • Increased thickness of Dependency Lines on the Complete Map.