New Features

  • Speed Test – Replaced third party speed test with proprietary speed test in the customer portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Broken Images In Completion Data – When completing a job in desktop view, images now show up in completion data.
  • Customer Event Log – Fixed customer event log tool tip.
  • Edit Transaction – Now validates dates when editing.
  • Equipment Custom Port – The custom port now included in the URL on the customer overview page.
  • Multiple Job Form Submission – Now prevent jobs from being submitted multiple times.
  • Multiple Ticket Form Submission – Now prevent tickets from being submitted multiple times.
  • Powercode Optimization – Optimized Powercode to improve efficiency of processing by removing unnecessary packages.
  • Proration – Fixed 30-day month calculation.
  • Query Based Accounting Report (Light Theme) – Fixed background color for the light theme.
  • Schedule Live View Markers – Fixed half hour markers alignment.
  • Ticketing (Dark Theme) – Fixed text color for the dark theme.