Billing Customer Part A Import

The first step in bringing your data into Powercode is adding basic Customer data. A Customer is the centerpoint of Powercode functionality. Customers serve as a place to hold the information needed to appropriately manage equipment, bill and contact your business’ accounts.

Please fill out and provide MinimumCustomerInfo.xlsx

The next step will build on this sheet and may be done at the same time if you choose.

Important fields are called out below. Other fields are optional.

Customer Sheet Fields:

  • CustomerID: unique value required
  • Company Name/First Name and Last Name: Import requires either Company Name or full name of person.
  • Phone Numbers: optional
    • Mobile Phone is used by Twilio SMS integration.
  • Billing/Physical Address: required excepting Street2, Latitude, and Longitude
  • Email: optional, but useful
  • Status: Defaults to active. Only active status receives internet and also bills. Delinquent status bills.
    • other statuses explained here.

Contact Sheet Fields:

The contact sheet required for customers with more than one contact or email address and is imported simultaneously with the customer sheet.

  • CustomerID: required, all other fields are optional

Billing Customer Part B Import

If you want to bill a customer you will need additional information.

Please add the data from the minimum customer info sheet into BillingCustomerInfo.xlsc and provide information from the following fields.  You may wish to consult the information in the next step on Tax Zones before submitting your data if you have questions concerning those. Please reach out to our team if you have any questions.

Customer Sheet

  • Current Balance: Defaults to 0. If your team has information for importing live balances later or importing a list of credits and debits for customers this may be left blank.
  • Invoice Preference: Email, Print, Both or None
    • Determines what kind of invoices Powercode sends to primary contact. Paper Powercode invoices can be printed with a report or automatically mailed with the MailxStream integration
  • Tax Zone: Tax zones tell powercode what taxes are assessed where this customer lives. Contact us if you have any trouble.
  • GuarantorID: If another customer pays the bills for this customer, their customer ID belongs here.