After you have Customers in the Powercode Billing Server you will need to enter Taxes and Services before we can import the Service associations for each customer.

Manually Adding Services and Tax Zones

The above video explains how to add Services and Tax Zones to Powercode.

  • For written documentation on on Taxes and Tax Zones click here.
  • For documentation on configuring all 11 Powercode Service types click here.

Services Import

If you have a large number of Services it may make sense to import basic Monthly, Monthly Discount  and Internet Services using the services.xlsx document. This import will create a service entry that can be used for association to customers.  Imported services will not included Non-basic items including Taxes and FCC Classifications. Non-basic Service settings will still need to be entered manually.

Services Sheet Import Fields

  • ServiceID: A number identifying each Service. You will need this when associating Services to customers.
  • ServiceName: The name you use to identify your Service.
  • Monthly Price: The monthly cost of the Service.
    • Negative values will be imported as Monthly Discounts.
  • Company Notes: Any internal information you want associated to the Service
  • UploadSpeed/DownloadSpeed: Entered in kilobits
    • If these exist the service will be imported as a Monthly Internet Service

Customer Service Association Import

Once all Services and Customers are in your system they can be associated in bulk using the customerServices excel document.

Customer Services Sheet

  • CustomerID: The ID of the Customer the Service will be added to
  • ServiceID: The ID of the Service you are adding to the customer
    • this can be found in Powercode under Items > Services
  • Quantity: The quantity of the service to be added to the account
    • Voip and Internet Services can never have a quantity greater than one
    • Only one Internet Service is allowed per account