IP Address Ranges

IP Address Ranges or subnets inform what IP addresses your system will accept when importing equipment.

They can be entered manually under  Network > BMU Overview by clicking on the name of an existing BMU and using the green Add New IP Address Range button. If no BMU device currently exists in your system, the Powercode Support team can assist you in creating an appropriate entry.

If you have a large number of IP Address Ranges it may be worth importing them by submitting the  bmuAddressRange excel sheet to Powercode Support.

Basic Fields

  • RMUID: ID for BMU device. Ignore if BMUs have not been added
  • Name: Identifier of your choosing
  • StartIP: First IP in range
  • EndIP: Last IP in range
  • Whitelist: When enabled allows internet access to customers in non-active status.
  • Network Location: Associate address range to network location (optional)
  • Type: Restricts usage for equipmen: Any, Customer, or Infrastructure
  • VLAN: VLAN information if range uses VLAN, ie “1-4096” (optional)

DHCP Fields

Only necessary for ranges employing DHCP

  • DHCP Server: Enabled or Disabled
  • Default Gateway: Last IP address of the Default Gateway for users in this range
  • Subnet Mask: If masks extend past end of range they cannot encompass part of another range.
  • Lease Time: Defaults to 86400
  • Range Mode: Static or Dynamic