Click here to download the Prime Customer Data CSV

This Prime customer Data CSV is used to import Customer information into Powercode. Please fill the sheet out according to the below guidelines so it can be successfully imported.

Customer Sheet Fields:

Use this field guide for the rows representing each customer account. See the next section for differences in rows representing additional services and contacts.

  • CustomerID: unique value required
  • Company Name/First Name and Last Name: Import requires either Company Name or full name of person.
  • Phone Numbers: optional
    • Mobile Phone is used by Twilio SMS integration.
  • Billing/Physical Address: required excepting Street2, Latitude, and Longitude
  • Email: optional, but useful
  • Status: Defaults to active. Only active status receives internet and also bills. Delinquent status bills.
    • other statuses explained here.
  • Username: Used for their customer portal login
  • Open Balance: Defaults to 0. If your team has information for importing live balances later or importing a list of credits and debits for customers this may be left blank
  • Tax Zone: Name for the tax zone the account is in
  • Service ID: The corresponding ID for the service the customer is subscribing to
    • if a customer has multiple services then the entire row (with same customer ID) must be entered again for each service
  • Service quantity: The quantity this service on the account
  • Invoice Date: The first day of the billing cycle and date the invoice is generated
  • Due Date: Day of the month invoice is due

Entering Multiple Services and Contacts

A row with any information in columns Open Balance through Due Date is assumed to contain the primary contact on an account and the core account information.

If a Customer has multiple Services:

  • The entire Core Account Information row with the primary contact information and the correct CustomerID should be duplicated with only the differing service information modified.

For Additional Contact rows beyond the primary contact information entered with the Core Account Information row(s):

  • leave Open Balance through Due Date blank to indicate this row does not represent the full account, just a contact.
  • Make sure to use the same CustomerID as the Core Account Information row(s).
  • Any other fields beyond CustomerID and FirstName/LastName may be left blank.