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Release 18.10.16 [Beta]

Powercode System Updates

  • Changed how we load available patches to avoid loading incompatible patches.


  • We now strip non numeric characters from phone numbers before sending them to BOSS to avoid odd behavior.


  • Fixed a validation issue that would result in multiple accounts being created accidentally.
  • When managing service areas, we were being too strict on validation which resulted in some states not being able to be created if they were new to your system.


  • We now add the entire parent/child tree into Saisei so long as only a single parent exists for a device.
  • Fixed a case where slow plans were not being applied properly.

Scheduled Events

  • When creating a service related event, we now show you the ‘ISP Description’ field as well so you know which service you are selecting if you have multiple that share the same main name.
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Saisei STM Update 7.2 9617

  • Improvements to configuration wizard – added the setting of Ubuntu and STM passwords to the default accounts for increased security.
  • Password security improvements: config wizard forces CLI/GUI/Rest and shell passwords to be changed, to something not readily guessable.
  • Fix problems with changing system name, which could lead to the system becoming inconsistent.
  • Support history collection and analysis for all users, up to 20,000.
  • Improve built-in packet capture facility.
  • Fix some problems with traffic accounting in complex configurations, which could lead to traffic being counted twice and to limits being applied incorrectly.
  • Allow 32 bit Autonomous System numbers, previously the STM only handled 16 bit values
  • Correct the flow counts associated with policy entries
  • P2P applications were being incorrectly identified and placed in other application groups, this has been corrected.
  • FTP transfers were being incorrectly identified, the initial handshake was correct however the data transfer phase was not, this has now been corrected
  • Heavy traffic loads together with heavy REST usage triggered system reloads, this is now fixed
  • The behavior for packet forwarding when using a LAG interface has been changed, originally packets were “rebumped” and could perhaps be sent out on an interface not associated with the BITW port pair that the inbound packet was accepted on. The behavior is now changed to always send packets on the egress interface linked directly to the ingress interface.
  • Correct an error when creating user specific applications. The REST documentation allows a user to create a wildcarded application to capture all applicaations containing the wild carded string, perhaps there are several entries in the application tables containing the string “”, the user merely needs to create a new application with the server string to capture all such entries. This was not working correctly and has been corrected.
  • Due to a cabling error where Internal and External cables were swapped a crash was observed which was discovered to be associated with the system running out of Egress Flow Class table entries, the software was found not to return an error state and hence caused a crash. The error return has now been corrected.
  • Poor REST API performance has been observed at an installation and found to be associated with an excessive number of internal hosts being created, partially due to inbuilt processing
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Easter Friday Phone Support

Powercode will be closing early on Friday, March 30, 2018 to host a company event for the afternoon.  We will close at 12PM (Noon) CST for the day.  If you have a business impacting outage, please call in and proceed to engage our on-call services.  Please leave a detailed message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Important IPPAY Changes With Powercode

Most IPPAY/Powercode Customers Are Not Affected By This.

We were made aware of some changes required by IPPAY related to the SEC code sent during transactions involving bank accounts.  We have received the requirements from IPPAY and understand some Powercode users will have received a similar message as well.  Powercode is currently on working on providing the tools necessary to correctly code bank accounts and their transactions.  This will be released in an update currently scheduled for November 22, 2017.  Please keep an eye on this website after that release for full information related to the SEC code and what you should do to mitigate any discrepancies.

We apologize for any confusion and are working with IPPAY to adhere to these new requirements as soon as possible.

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Dropbox Backup Updates

As of 17.10.19, Powercode’s backups integration for Dropbox has been updated and may require you to authorize your account again for your backups to Dropbox to continue functioning.  Below is a quick guide focusing on how to reauthorize your Dropbox account for Powercode to push the backup files to.  If you are not using Dropbox, you can ignore this post.

On a side note, we will be providing Amazon S3 as a backup destination option within the next couple weeks.

Enable Backups

  • Navigate to Config->Backup Settings
  • Set Enable Backups to “Enabled”
  • Set your backup schedule
  • Set Remote Backups to “Enabled”
  • Set Backup Method to “Dropbox”
  • Click “Get Authorization Code”

You will now be routed to Dropbox’s site where you will generate an authorization code.

Allow Powercode Remote Backups Access

You need to give Powercode permission to save backups to your Dropbox account.

  • Log in to your account (or create a new account) if required
  • Grant Powercode access to save backups to your account by clicking “Allow”

  • Copy the authorization code that Dropbox generates

Now that you have an authorization code you can continue with the process in Powercode.

Complete Backup Settings

Enter the remaining information to complete the backup settings.

  • In Powercode paste the authorization code into the appropriate field
  • Enter a directory path of your choice where the backups will be saved
  • Save settings

Powercode is now configured to save backups to your Dropbox account.

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Bing Maps Disruption August 15, 2017

Bing maps is having a confirmed outage for some users starting around 11AM CST.  Powercode uses Bing Maps as a provider for map related functionality.  Your software will be affected until Bing Maps is restored.  We are monitoring the outage and will update here.

Update: As of 12:08PM CST, it looks like most Powercode users that were having an issue have seen a resolution.

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Track Your Truck Outage July 19, 2017

Track Your Truck, a third party that Powercode has integrated with for certain features, suffered an outage today.  Whether your company has enabled the Track Your Truck feature or not, your Powercode instance will be quite sluggish.

We have been told by Track Your Truck that they have switched to backup servers, but DNS propagation will take some time.

If you are having issues in the meantime, please call Powercode support and we will add a dummy DNS entry on your server to resolve the current issue.

On a slightly related note, we have fixed a bug in which if you aren’t using Track Your Truck, your server stops relying on Track Your Truck.  This change would limit Track Your Truck issues to only those using Track Your Truck in the future.

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Join Powercode On Slack!

Powercide & Slack

We’ve opened a new Powercode Slack community to connect with each other, have some fun, and foster the type of feedback our team needs to continue making Powercode great.  So if you are interested in joining us, send an email to asking for an invite.  Once you join, you’ll be connected to a few members of the Powercode staff as well as other Powercode users.

Again, shoot an email to Sajan ( for an invite.

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Option 66 Release

Tomorrow morning we will be releasing Option 66 provisioning system into the BETA track.  By default we only support the Readynet routers and the cnPilot router.  Right now we are primed to very quickly (within days) implement support for other Option 66 capable devices.

We will be asking our BETA users to help us test normal equipment and inventory functionality, and let us know what device(s) they need supported so we can build the templates as fast as possible.

Please email directly for any information or requests relating to the Option 66 release tomorrow.

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Release 17.06.07 [STABLE]

Few more fixes and enhancements in this one.

New Features

  • MarketBroadband reports.  You can now export reports for MarketBroadband.  After entering in initial account information, you can pull Activation and Suppression lists to send to MarketBroadband.  Beta customers will receive the ability to automatically send it to MarketBroadband soon as well.
  • Export KML of your Powercode data.  We’ve taken the first steps in allowing you to export mappable data in Powercode out to a KML for your use with other software and data.  While there are many use cases for this, my favorite is using something like Google Earth to track new tower or site prospects, then export all failed installs out of Powercode, use Google Earth to overlay the two sets of data to make more informed decisions.  The use cases are many as we allow you to export current network sites, all customers, customers by status, and we’ll do more based on your requests.

Bug Fixes

  • New lines in some cases were breaking the customer notes section in the customer overview.  This is now fixed.
  • Portal speedtest page was breaking due to recent changes.
  • Dates on invoices will more reliably take into account certain timezones that were having issues.
  • Job Schedule and Complete emails were being sent out with blank data.  There were 2 offending circumstances that were reported to us, both are fixed.
  • Stopped Powercode from generating debit/credit tax line items of $0.00.
  • Fixed transaction descriptions being limited by character count or being cut off.
  • SurgeMail had an issue when using different domains on provisioning.  SurgeMail will now use the correct domain selected when provisioning for a customer.
  • Fixed custom items navigation link going to wrong destination.
  • Fixed issue where tickets would sometimes try to update the email even if one did not exist.


  • Telnet is now available as a protocol for equipment.  Links with telnet:// should then open your default client.
  • Added option to completely disable backups by Powercode.  This is great for users that run on VMs and take snapshots using their virtualization stack.
  • We now display pending one time charges and credits for pre-activation customers on the Services tab.
  • Invoices and debit/credits for ‘Pro Rated’ items will now be labeled as ‘Partial Month’ as that is a more universally understood term.
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